Yerri Portillo

👨🏻‍💻 Product Designer at Rocket Insights ︎  

I help solve design problems in multiple mediums and love to experiment with how people interact with digital spaces.

✨ Featured

Bose Frames Virtual Try-on

💼 Visual Design, Prototyping, User Research

🗓 October - December 2019

🎯 Enrich in-store buying with an AR kiosk experience

︎ Coming Soon


Harvard CEPR Proving Ground

💼 Design Sprint, Prototyping, User Research

🗓 January 14-21, 2020

🎯Develop a prototype to test with school districts to improve the continuous learning process.

︎ Coming Soon

Catholic Priestly Vocations

💼 Web Design, Branding

🗓 October - November 2019

🎯A website that can nationally capture people interested in the priesthood

︎ Coming Soon