Packaging Design

Self Initiated

In May 2018, I spent 2 weeks in Copenhagen as part of a educational trip to be immersed in Danish culture. Being my first trip abroad and in Europe I was totally unprepared. To give college students the resources they need Wandr was born.

Wandr’s Guiding Principles

What makes us different?

Teach me how to blend in
Being a new traveler and sometimes visiting cultures for the first time it can be hard to not look “like a tourist”
Having fun on a budget
Being a student and traveling with not a lot of money can be challenging all the while trying to get the best experience
Always give me something to do
Visit the hot spots only the locals might no about and avoid the usual touristy activities.

Finding our look

My inspiration was to look at work that was edgy and the fringes of design publishing. Looking at 1 Color RISO prints gave me the idea of limiting myself to 2 colors in my approach.

Moodboard & Inspiration

Test, Fail & Repeat
At first I treated this project like a regular identity. So I developed a logo, a visual system and even image treatments. I ended up not pursuing these ad layouts below but they helped me extend my visual language and lay the groundwork for everything else I would develop in the future.

Ad Concepts

Preparing you for take off

Going to a new country can be nerve-wracking enough. Wandr aims to take care of your essentials, and gives you tips so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Travel Kit & Essentials

Wandr helps you blend in with the locals
With this travel guide you will get curated information to the country you are going to. For example for Copenhagen you get fashion tips and information on how to dial emergency authorities.

3 Panel Subway Ad

Final Thoughts


Reflecting on my trip to Copenhagen I would include more detailed information on getting around the city itself. A customized map and more points of interest that aren’t touristy would be included.