Influx Club



Web Design

Self Initiated

Influx came to fruition from a need to bring together a segmented Boston creative community. Members range from college students still making mistakes to graduates looking for a job. We hope to be a springboard to encourage more interdisciplinary interactions and be a place to share your work, resources and your ideas.

The Boston Creative Community

The three biggest needs that exist

A place to share your works in progress and get feedback from a community with many perspectives.
Access to a database of creatives in several artistic fields to foster connections for the future.
A central place to collect different kinds of resources to help people who are in different stages of their creative journey.

Finding a target audience

In the early stages of Influx I created an instagram for fun and thought I would just make posts to see if there was a need for a service like this. Having friends at different art schools around Boston they each had positive reactions to the idea so I chose to keep pursuing my vision for Influx.

Instagram Story 1

Instagram Story 2

Instagram Story 3

Instagram Story 4

Thinking of what to include

In a website that has resources for students in many majors and artists in different fields I aimed to make the site accessible for all. The homepage was the central hub for all things Influx. It was general enough for different needs but you also have the option to hone in on your specific field.

Sitemap Structure

Developing a central hub

It was important to put all of the services featured on Influx at the uppermost level so that users wouldn’t have to dig for information. It also made space for users to explore and not be siloed into their field and what they know. One of Influx’s main values is experimentation. Our experience was meant to foster a space to experiment and try new things.

Meet our social butterflies

One of the differentiating features of Influx is the ability to filter members by location, school, specialty and even interests. This makes it easier to find people to collaborate with or to reach out for questions. Many times we have a specific interest or something we want to learn more about but it can be impossible to find someone to connect with. Influx would aim to fix that.

Kiss your ego goodbye and share your work.

Sometimes you’re unsure of an idea or a sketch and it’s just collecting dust in your sketchbook. Wouldn’t it be nice to share it with the world? Unlike Dribbble or Behance the things members post wouldn’t have to be polished. This part of the site would serve as a vehicle to get critique and suggestions. Getting as many perspectives as possible help grow your work so we want to bring that to an online platform.

Starting to move away from the computer

The final component of Influx is an events and resources portion of the site. In my educational journey and studying design in Boston there has never been a free hub of resources where you can learn from others mistakes or experiences. Also these more beginner/student focused events would take out the stigma of the “beginner” because everyone will also not know what they’re doing.

We give you the tools to mess up and try again

I want these events to bring up topics that aren’t thought about when you’re still learning how to make art. Tough conversations about money, contracts, leadership and marketing should start earlier in your creative careers. This would  empower young creatives to start making tough decisions. But starting these conversations in an environment where you can ask dumb questions is crucial.

Now the fun part


In order to bring awareness to Influx and differentiate us we would use old methods of advertising like print. But we would also count on word of mouth to spread the word. Thinking about how the event would be designed also intrigued me.


Postcards (Continued)
Tabloid Poster Design for Events

Stickers for New Members

Nametag Sticker for Events

Wrapping up


While the website has many parts and intricacies I’d like to improve my development skills to build a working prototype with Ruby on Rails. But for now every once in a while I am featuring artists from around Boston on our Influx Club Instagram. Are you an artist and want to get featured? Shoot me an email!